Conversation With Spirit – Christmas

Are you excited about Christmas, Les?

I was out refreshing the water for the retreat’s miniature horses…..

I can take it or leave it.

Santa let you down?

Santa has never visited.

Good gracious…….never?

Not that I can remember. But that’s not a complaint because I don’t believe in him.

I don’t blame you. He’s a fairly recent addition to the Season, significantly created by an American writer about 160 years ago…. but it was a great idea – he wanted to put a little magic back into lives that were sadly hurting and damaged due to the Civil War…….

Another American export!

What about Jesus? Has he let you down?

No he’s not visited either at Christmas time.

How can you be sure?

Unless he came in disguise I’m certain he hasn’t visited. I would have remembered such an event!

What if he came in your thoughts?

What kind of thoughts?

Thoughts of kindness toward others, of inclusiveness, of caring of acceptance and tolerance…..

Well, yes, I can accept that kind of visitation any time! And I agree those feelings do seem to be greatly highlighted at Christmas…..

What if that was the magic the story of his birth gave you?

But it’s just a story…..

Your whole life is just a story, Les! If a dozen people followed your every move and wrote down their interpretation of your life you’d have a dozen stories to choose from!

I’d pick the one that made me look the best, wouldn’t I?

You probably would, Les I think most people would……

So life is just a story?

Well, Les, life is how you use or misuse your Light-force…..and your story is your interpretation. It helps you to see yourself objectively and gives you the chance to experiment with new perspectives and notice the power of different perspectives. 

So, getting back to Christmas……instead of taking it or leaving it……

You can choose to see it differently……Look! There’s Santa in his sleigh sweeping across the night sky sending greetings of goodwill to all the houses he passes over……and there’s

Jesus laying somewhere in a crib…..planning a spiritual revolution!!

I see it now!

There’s Saint Nicholas Of Myra sharing food with the poor in his Turkish neighbourhood… and there’s a poor family sharing what little they have with one another….

Now I understand……

Christmas isn’t really about families coming together and church services, mistletoe and presents, Christmas trees and glitter, roast meals, party hats and the singing of carols…… but it may include all these things and many more!!

It’s really about reaching out to one another….being kind and thoughtful, sharing a sense of Oneness together, taking time to care for and appreciate others, putting others first…..

We should do those things all the time!

That’s why Christmas celebrates the birth of a child. He simply represents the birth of a new ideal. just as a child grows from birth so should you grow those special feelings you sense at Christmastime until they turn into AllTheTime.

Then the ideal becomes the real deal……

Just like Jesus, you come of age……

I could hear reindeer bells getting closer and closer…..

My enthusiasm started to dramatically grow…..

Christmas was coming!

Merry Christmas everyone!

May the Spirit of Christmas remain with us throughout the year!!