In my last two articles, I shared with you the realization that each and every one of us is both divine and mortal, spiritual and physical, angelic and animal – and I shared how to express those feelings which arise from the Divine deep within us.

We do so through accessing our Conscious-Ness.
Many think they can intellectually ‘think’ their way to Consciousness; and that it’s simply a deeper, more ethical and sincere way of thinking.
But Consciousness can never be accessed this way because it can only be found when thinking ceases.

‘How can our thinking cease without death?’ you may possibly ask.
And the answer is remarkably simple: because non thinking takes place all the time within us.
We have simply gotten into the habit of only focusing on our seemingly endless thoughts – not on the spaces between them! And there are endless spaces between them! In fact, most of our time is spent between our thoughts…..waiting for the next one!

‘And how can this state of non-thinking bring awareness of our Higher Self?’
you might also ask.
And the answer is: because that IS our Higher Self.

When we consciously access this state of being we find our Conscious-Ness.
And when we find it, we don’t think it…..we feel it!  (It’s the same as that feeling when we first ‘fell in love’….it wasn’t a thought but a knowingness, wasn’t it?)
This week, consciously access that space between your thoughts, that state which is your Higher Self…….and watch your feelings flower into an endless field of blossoming love, light, certainty and knowingness!

Blessings and hugs,

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