Christmas Time

This is the time of the year when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus; and others celebrate that sense of family which binds us together.

One way or another, we celebrate that sense of ‘belonging’ which is so vital for a healthy life.
For Christians it’s belonging to the family of Jesus, for others it’s belonging to our personal wider family (which is why we like to visit the ‘rellies’).

Ultimately what we are all expressing is our innate yearning to find our inner sense of ‘One-ness’ once again……to reconnect consciously with that deeper and richer meaning of life which is the very ground of our being – and which gently unfolds from deep within us like a rose whose petals open to the sun…..

It’s like circles within a circle……
My innermost circle is the Divine Presence within myself.
My next inner circle is my partner, Trudi.
Our children make up my next circle.
Then comes our closest relatives and friends (this includes quite a few of you!).
Then comes all those I relate to personally (this includes every one of you!).
Then comes the wider community.
Then all people.
Then all life.
Then all existence.
And then I find I have embraced the entirety of the Divine Presence.
The circles are complete.

This is surely the central theme of Christmas today: to embrace the embraceable.
I know that the more I embrace, the more I am embraced.

Yet I find there always seems to be some people who are still hard to embrace…….. that is where our spirituality is vital in order to break through our hard-crusted hearts to embrace them.
That shell around our hearts was put there as protection.

When we realize the truth of life we also realize that the shell is no longer necessary or even helpful.
In fact, it actually damages and diminishes us.

Christmas is surely a great time to let Go and let the God Within embrace the seemingly un-embraceable for us.

The ‘un-embraceable’ may be in the form of a personal hurt or anger. Or it may be a particular person, a culture, a race or a religion.

To embrace in these circumstances means to stand tall in one’s own integrity, beliefs and standards whilst one opens one’s heart to the other. It’s about love and never about denial of one’s own truths and values.

When we are able to embrace the un-embraceable this way we find we heal.
Then real miracles can truly happen at Christmas!

May each of you be embraced this Christmas with peace, healing and love through the many circles of life.

Thankyou for being a part of my life!

Happy Christmas!
Blessings and love,