Christmas 2010

Christmas brings us the remembrance that Jesus lived.

Theologians and historians of every religious persuasion now agree that Jesus was born, probably toward mid-year somewhere around 2016 years ago. All agree he was a religious trailblazer who single-handedly established the scholastic, moral and religious under-pinning of European society for the next 2,000 years.

He was without doubt the world’s most influential thinker and Teacher since history has been recorded.

He was a Giant of a Man.

His birth was particularly significant – not (for me) as an exclusive event of supernatural proportions but rather as the birth of commonsense and truth.

His was the birth of Light in a society dominated by darkness; of Love in a world tormented by violence.

Above all else this man lived his truth: and that truth, simply stated, was that the most important thing in the world is a person’s relationship with God/the Divine/The Essence.

Nothing else matters.

Nothing else is real.

Nothing else has any substance or permanency – all else is a sham, an illusion teetering into delusion for many.

Jesus lived as if God mattered; as if ONLY God mattered.

He lived as if God was real; as if ONLY God was real.

He lived as if living the life of God-being-man was the only thing worth doing.

For Jesus, nothing else mattered.

And that is the legacy, the truth, the standard for life which he shared with everyone he could.

His teaching is as valid today as it was 2,000 years ago.

It is surely the only teaching that leads unhesitatingly to healing, to wholeness and to One-ness.

It is surely the only teaching that leads unerringly to truth, to love and to co-operation.

His teachings lead the Seeker to the evolution of humanity: we break out of our primitive and reactive ego-self centredness and step into the awakened role of the Conscious Being of Light that He had already become.

He encouraged every one of us with every breath he took and with every moment he lived to find the Truth of our Being – to experience God first-hand with every breath we take and every moment we live.

This is not Christianity as it has been taught in the past.

This is Spiritual Humanity, the key to our future.

Jesus was its Supreme Teacher.

How appropriate it is for all of us to recognise the birth of this absolutely Ordinary Man.

A Man so Ordinary (yet utterly rare) with a Teaching so Ordinary (yet utterly rare) that Teacher and Teaching can only be termed as utterly Extra-Ordinary.

Only God matters.

Only God IS matter.

Nothing else matters except expressing that God-energy as we find it, deep within, moment to moment without end.

Just like Jesus did.

All else is simply useless, worthless, futile play acting.

May each of you enjoy a happy, peace-full, love-filled Christmas!!


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