THE PARABLE OF THE SHOPPING TROLLEY…… There was once a sleeping man who awoke to find himself in a crowded sort of supermarket. Everyone was holding onto an empty trolley as if waiting for a signal….. “What’s this all about?” he asked the man standing next to him. He was told it was a competition … Read more


There were once two animals who made their way down to the waterhole to have a drink…… The first animal went down to the waters edge and saw his reflection in the water. He became scared, got angry, got defensive and backed off. He continuously went down and continuously tried to get to the water … Read more


Dear Friends, Please continue to share these parables with others! We never know when someone really needs to hear one that day….. Heartland re-opens Monday July 27th……why not join us for 5 great days? Please email for details. There were once two raindrops called Fred and Ernie. They flew across on the planet on huge … Read more

Les Dyer’s Parables for Awakening…

Dear Friends, Thankyou for subscribing to my articles. I deeply appreciate your readership. Some months ago I mentioned I would be changing my newsletter format. I understood that many people no longer have time to read long emails. So I said I’d make them short, different and videos so they can be heard at work, … Read more

Remembrance and Introspection

Dear Friends, Now is the time for us to remember and give thanks for the many brave men and women who in the past gave selflessly for the common good. For me, this means remembering all those who gave sacrifice for freedom and peace across all countries and across all wars across all time. My … Read more

מזל יסטער – Happy Easter (in Yiddish)

Dear Friends, Now is the time for us to celebrate Easter! For Jews this is a re-affirmation of Passover….. For Christians it’s the promise of Life to come…. For Hindus it’s another proof of reincarnation… And for all of us it’s a reminder that we can die to the old ways and rise up in … Read more

Please mask up…

Dear Friends, Now is the time for us to protect the vulnerable… Jeremy Howard, an Australian researcher who works at the University of San Francisco, has started a campaign called Masks4All that aims to encourage people to wear masks in public despite current advice that they are of little use unless someone is infected. “I … Read more

Light a candle…

Dear Friends, Now is the time for us to express our spiritual light… Where there is isolation to reach out as community Where there is loneliness to reach out in friendship Where there is worry to reach out with positivity Where there is lack to reach out with help Where there is fear to reach … Read more

Rollup! Rollup! It’s Good News Day.

Bet you didn’t know that: Brazilians get big tax cuts for beautifying their gardens or giving a home to a stray dog…… a Dutch company is now producing healthy, chemical free, calorie free sugarfrom apple and pear cores….. last year hundreds of farmers in Nebraska stood in silence during an auction so that a young … Read more

I believe that……

Planet Earth and human society exist within the Garden of Eden. But we have forgotten it…..and we often view life as a planetary obstacle course. That’s because almost all political, economic, monetary, medical, business, educational and social systems are fabricated to manipulate and control our thoughts and our actions. Our attitudes toward work, food, money, … Read more