Conversations With Spirit #12

It seemed my turn to start a conversation…….   I love these talks but sometimes you know I still feel alone….. I totally understand….I felt like that once, a long, long time ago, too…….So I did something about it. What? I created the universe. But it just didn’t fulfil Me. How could it not? It … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #11

I was watching a program talking about Coronavirus when suddenly I realised I wasn’t alone …..   I’d like to get serious for a moment…… You mean you’re not always? I couldn’t be – otherwise you wouldn’t enjoy your sense of humour. After all, I gave you the ability to recognise and express humour. It … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #10

I was working in the garden when The Voice spoke…..   I’d like to speak about The Ordinary…… What did you have in mind? Most of you find the ordinary boring…..when in fact it’s anything but boring….It’s magical, mystical….spiritual. Everything is magical, mystical and spiritual? Everything! Every moment, every action, every thought. What about the … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #9

I was feeding the horses when The Voice next spoke…..   Did you remember my first message to you? I certainly did….although after thirty years I realised on a further reading that I hadn’t remembered all of its contents….. What part had you forgotten? The part that mentions how we must “own new understandings in … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #8

I was working in the garden when The Voice spoke…..   Are you aware that today you stand at the brink of unprecedented global destruction, global warming, global social subservience and global violence? Today??!! What time?! I accept that as humour….although your situation is far from funny. Why are you telling me? Surely you should … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #7

I was on the computer when I became aware of company…..   Are you enjoying being part of Me, Les? To be honest, most of the time, yes. But, you know, a lot of people have a lot of trouble getting their head around the idea that we’re all part of The Godhead. You can’t … Read more

Conversations with Spirit #6

This time I was on the tractor slashing the front paddock when I sensed Spirit tugging at my ears…..   None of you are who you think you are, you know….. Err, do we have to talk now? Can’t it wait until I get home? Are you suggesting you’re too busy to hear truth? Not … Read more

Conversations with Spirit #5

I was down servicing the tractor when I felt an urgent impulse to get home and turn on the computer…..   Good morning God, why the sudden hurry this morning? No hurry, my boy, did you have something to do – anything to do – that was more important than talk with me? Err, certainly … Read more

A conversation with Janelle….

Every week I get a great deal of emails….some sharing ideas with me, some reflecting back some part of a newsletter…. This came from Janelle. I thought it particularly relevant so I thought I’d share it with you all….. Not long before I wrote this poem, was my 1st meeting with you Les; I had … Read more

A conversation with God…..Part 4

There I was meditating in the garden early in the morning when I suddenly realised I wasn’t alone….this is the final part of that Talk…….   So we have to change our perspectives? You’re catching on, Les! You simply change your original, limiting perspectives – the ones you’ve held onto all these years. And then … Read more