Conversations With Spirit #33

I was deliberating on the fact that our next conversation would be our 33rd; and I was pondering whether there was anything relevant in the number….    Might you be wondering if there’s anything special about the number 33? Well, yes, I might…. And did you come to any conclusion? Yes, I did. If I … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #32

Do you now see how life is full of miracles, Les? Well, I certainly see conception now as a miracle! That’s just the start, you know….. Every moment of a baby’s growth is a miracle, too! I understand it proceeds in a set pattern….. It proceeds in a way that is itself a miracle… Which … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #31

Do you deeply appreciate life as full of miracles, Les? Like water turning into wine? That’s not actually that miraculous, you know…..Squeeze grapes and you get water….add a yeasting agent and the water will turn into wine. No, I was talking about real miracles….like life! Life…? It happens every day! Researchers say it’s probably happened … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #30

I’d like to discuss the streams a little more, Les…. That’s good because I’d like you to, also. It seems like those rivers were a metaphor for the values we spoke of and so are rather like the values which various religions promote. So that brought me to want to get a lot clearer in … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #29

Sitting by a stream, I was pondering how they always ultimately meandered to the ocean….   Do you understand the deeper meaning behind your reflections, Les? No. Are you about to tell me? I’d prefer you to work it out for yourself. After all, anything I tell you simply becomes “something I told you” – … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #28

I was watching a plane fly across the deep blue sky when my reflections were suddenly interrupted….   Do you remember watching a plane take off? Yes I do. How does it take off? It speeds along the runway. Do you know what speed it needs? Depends if it’s a 747 or a Cessna…… Okay, … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #27

I was reading the Tao Te Ching when I was interrupted….   Is there meaning to your madness, Les? Err…..what madness are you referring to? The madness of constantly wanting to know more. I thought “knowing more” was better than just staying ignorant? Absolutely….it is. But just knowing more in itself achieves very little and … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #26

Could we talk about sex? Love to, Les……it’s one of my favourite topics! Anything in particular in mind? Well, we could start with why it’s one of your favourite topics? I’d have thought celibacy was more your style….. Heavens no! Celibacy was never meant to mean ‘no sex’! Indeed, the latin simply means ‘unmarried’. I … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #25

I was writing a chapter for a new book, explaining the fears and problems I remember experiencing during my early life…..   I do hope you’re not feeling sorry for yourself, Les… Certainly not. But I am remembering some uncomfortable events. Yes….in a way you were lucky weren’t you? Lucky to have them or lucky … Read more

Anzac SoulLight – Remembrance and Introspection

Dear Friends, I wrote an article for Anzac Day last year – and it’s just as applicable today. One subscriber wrote: ‘I have been hearing lots of people say that they hope the world changes through this situation we currently have. We need to be the ones who change our world, not leaving it for … Read more