I imagine you’ve heard of the Big Bang theory?

That’s the one where physicists say that out of an impossible singularity exploded the entire universe…..

Or, as I would say, out of the Godhead came All That Is………

(Actually, they’re both the same thing except one is simply ego-driven; and the other acknowledges something far more vital and life-enhancing  than just an anonymous ‘big bang’ out of nothing).

For physicists, at first there were just particles.

Or as I would say, the Divine split into numberless pieces of energy.

But it all came from – and was part of – the same Big Bang (the same Divine).

As particles bonded together they formed atoms.

And after just a blip in time (roughly half a billion human years) those atoms bonded together and formed molecules.

But they were still made up entirely of the energy which was the ‘big bang’ (or, the Divine, in Les-speak)

The Divine spread itself and created a trillion zillion billion dillion particles.

Those particles inherently recognised their Oneness and ultimately bonded together as atoms.

And then those atoms recognised their Oneness and ultimately bonded together as molecules.

And then – seven or eight billion years later – those molecules bonded together to make living cells.

The Uni-verse – the obvious truth, the real verse of the poem of life –  is simply the Divine both expanding outwardly and at the same time embracing Itself inwardly.

And  it did so by both bringing itself constantly back together into Oneness and, at the same time, developing new forms of togetherness  in wondrously new and wondrously innovative and amazing ways.

After a few billion years the cells drew together and bonded to form what we call living structures.

And it’s all still the One Divine……..freeing, fracturing, functioning, finding, fabricating Itself in ever endless and extraordinary ways.

Nothing has changed.

We still repeat the pattern: we bond together to find a greater sense of wholeness; and at the same time we seek to create new forms through such bonding.

An atom is made of particles – but ultimately they are all ONE.

We are many….but we are all still all ONE.

Science virtually explains the existence of that which I call God.

After all, you can’t get anything from nothing (no matter how hard scientists try).

But you can get a Universe from a ‘Big Bang’ theory where the intelligent expansion of ‘What Was’ into ‘What is’……..recognises the creative and most intelligent hand of an extraordinary loving energy which I choose (for convenience) to call ‘God’.

That’s probably enough for today……

Let me just ask “Remember how lonely you feel when you are alone?”.

Connect to the Divine – to who and what you are, deep within – and you will never feel alone again…..

Always remember: like every particle, atom, molecule, cell and living organism you desire your Oneness once again…..

And just like the Divine you are,  you desire to reach out and express all that you can be.

You be a part of the Divine!!!

And you can never be apart from it.

Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!

Peace be within you.