Thousands of quotes litter the media but let me remind you of two:

The first by St Augustine of Hippo (1800 years ago!)…….

“Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”

On this planet, at this time, how many people know the right thing to do?


I’m talking about war, economics, politics, business, sports, the family, sexuality, money, work, morality….

So how many people are truly doing the right thing…….?

Very few.

What stops them?

A beautiful soul working in finance in Asia/Middle East wrote to me:

“There is an incredible amount of pain, suffering, deceit and untruths everywhere…why?”.


It’s called ego.

Me versus you.

She versus her.

Us versus them.


In business. In war. In relationships. In politics. In assets. In jobs.

In status. In religion. In sports. In media. In almost everything!!!!!

Since 1900 (just the last 123 years) there have been some 267 wars waged across the world (Australia has taken part in 7, the US 24, the UK 30 and China 34) with maybe 100 million people in total killed!

The ultimate answer is to repair our view of reality.

To own the Oneness: that we are all part of the One energy.

And that One Energy is Love, Kindness, Compassion and Caring.

Unfortunately, the planet is peopled by tribe upon tribe of sadly insane people.

They’re utterly bonkers.

They think ‘me’ has to win over ‘you’ and ‘we’ have to beat ‘them’.

They even make up rules for running wars.

Much as if it was a game of Monopoly.

Which brings me to my second quote: by Bertrand Russell:

“War does not determine who is right only who is left”….

The fact is that no matter how many people do wrong….it’s still wrong.

It always will be.

So what can we individually do about it?

Simply help to heal things one person at a time.

To be the change we seek.

To realise – and then come from (and ultimately share) our realisation that all is One.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many at the moment are bonkers.

They all simply get to come back and do the bonkers thing again and again and again and again….

Until they wake up to reality.

When they wake up they’ll see the truth for themselves.

Then – and only then – will they ‘move up’….

Move up and move on from this insane asylum in their next life.

Their next destination will then be not so bonkers, more loving, more caring, more sane……

It’s all so very simple, really, isn’t it……?

Now is everyone ready for their afternoon gin and tonic?

(it keeps them quiet until dinnertime……)



Peace Be Within You!



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