Our beliefs won’t necessarily make us a better person.

A dozen spiritual workshops won’t necessarily change us (if we choose not to).

We can gather together as many workshop attendance certificates as we want – none are any guarantee that we’re a better person.

We can go to church or temple religiously: we’re just being religious.

We can read holy texts and spiritual books every day – it can be just a great time-filler.

All these activities may gently inspire us to hold certain beliefs – but that still won’t make us a better person!

We’ll only be a better person when we behave better!

How many times do we read something and say “That’s a great idea!” and then move onto something else…? It just becomes another belief, another piece of data in our head.

You and I change when we change our behaviour.

When we take our beliefs and live them.

When we take our knowledge and live by it.

When our BE-liefs Be-come our BE-haviour.

Our beliefs won’t make us a better person – but our behaviour can!

Why not start the change today?

Hugs and love to each of you,