Last week I spoke about Real Faith embracing us as our expectations in such a way that it flows out of an actual physical knowing within us rather than just a clump of mental ideas, hopes or even vague wishes.

One person wrote: “The fleeting awareness of this knowing is so sweet and then we forget again. Steps are taken everyday – and we feel good! We love the expectation – that really hit the spot.”

Of course, for many people, faith is still only a mental construct, a longing and desire.

An example of this would be when someone says “I believe in God”.

They often mean that they mentally hope their very limited ideas about a power greater than themselves are correct – but there’s no expectation attached to them such that it would in any significant way change their behaviour.

As history continually attests, you can “believe” in God without that “belief” having any beneficial effect on your levels of intolerance, fear, anger, lust, jealousy, pride, anxiety or worthlessness.

When such a belief is so obviously ineffective in transforming people one must ask if that belief holds any real value.

One could also ask what could possibly help change inappropriate behaviour if “belief in God” doesn’t?

And the answer is to live – and to sincerely mean – “I have faith in God”.

Real faith, as we have said, implies a genuine living expectation.

But what is this expectation?

Surely it’s that I am safe, ok, totally loved and completely blessed.

That I am infinite spirit, eternal life and immortal soul.

That I am a part of the Whole, the One-ness – and thus all else is a part of me; and all others are my brothers and sisters in divinity.

That Abundance is my birthright and Joyfulness my natural expression.

That Peace is my Name and Love is my Essence.

When I genuinely have faith in The Divine I embrace my Greatness, free of any egotistical comparisons.

I live my life with certainty and sureness.

I lack for nothing, regardless of what I receive or have removed from me.

The bridge between belief and faith is called Knowing.

We leave our beliefs behind – all of them. Even about God.

We step into our Knowing – deep within. Only by surrendering and embracing deep within.

And then we step into our Faith – and live our Expectations with richness and sureness. Always in all ways.

Blessings to you, your family and friends,


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