(Special retreat note for you at the bottom of this article).


Hopefully, I am one of the ordinary, everyday, normal people you can happily call a friend.

That’s because I try, as much as I can, to be normal.

So what does it mean to be normal….?

For each of us there may be well an individual answer.

For me, being normal means:

Not wanting to eat my friends

Not wanting to fight anyone

Not wanting to interfere in anyone else’s life

Not interested in being angry, intolerant or fearful

Not needing to be better than anyone else at anything

Not needing to be rich or important or special

Not needing to get others to follow or believe anything

Not needing to achieve anything to make me ‘whole’

Not needing others to behave in certain ways to make me happy

Liking love, peace, kindness and the everyday wonders of nature

Liking to express what gives me passion and pleasure

Liking myself just as I am

Liking to do things that don’t hurt, damage or disempower others

Liking my life just as it is

Liking my connection with the Divine just as it is

Liking other people who choose to be normal

Liking to support others who’d like to be normal, too…..

I seek no titles, no awards, no medals, no accolades

I appreciate my ego as the everyday processor of my everyday actions – but I don’t want it to foolishly big-note itself.

That’s because I’m not that processor –but rather the process.

There’s a big difference.

A processor is in a state of doing.

A process is a state of being.

A processor does things.

A process simply is.

There’s no enlarged ego to be flattered.

So instead of preening my feathers (or, even worse, have others preen them for me!) I prefer to just enjoy being.

My Spirit is always being.

My Soul is always enjoying each moment of being.

It’s the only thing that really matters…..really.

(Everything else gets left behind when you leave your body)

What’s your normal?

Are you happy with it?

If you are, that’s wonderful.

If you aren’t….what are you hanging onto as you that isn’t truly you?

Let it go.

Why be an inefficient processor when you can simply be?

Be the process.

It’s where seeming miracles happen!

Peace be within you.


SPECIAL NOTE: Trudi and I are moving to Nambucca Heads over the next few weeks. This means my newsletters will be haphazard!
It also means our workshops in creativity, healing and spirituality will START in JUNE/JULY in Nambucca (half-way between Sydney and Brissie and accessible by plane, coach, rail and road).
Full details shortly!