I believe our purpose is to be the love we are, deep within.

Everything else which we achieve is inconsequential.

Fame, wealth, abundance, power, civil honours or success in a sport, a business, the arts, academia or some scientific endeavour are all insignificant by comparison.

Only our ego benefits from our popularity, our social reputation, our accolades or even our number of media or tik tok followers.

You and I have no way to control what happens to us – job loss, wars, bushfires, floods, collapsing economies, political upheaval, surprise births, sad deaths – none of it is controllable.

But how we deal with these situations can be very controllable.

We always have that choice to be the love we are, deep within.

This is the one immense power we all possess.

In the late 1980’s after I had my entire Sydney advertising agency offices “stolen” one weekend – accounts, work-in-progress, files, client notes, furniture, studio recording equipment, art tables and equipment, my personal papers and photos, etc – I was forced to close the business. I lost millions of dollars in assets, clients, work in progress and income.

It was a wipeout.

After some months I regained my confidence and re-commenced a small business, this time as a private marketing consultant.

An art director I had employed for many years prior to the theft kindly gave me lodgings in his 3-storey terrace house whenever I visited Sydney to see clients.

One day I had time before my first meeting so I took a bath and decided to listen to the radio on the ledge above. Switching it on I suddenly froze with shock: it was the same brand, model and colour as one we had lost in the theft. More than this, it had the same scuff mark on its side as the one that had been stolen……

This caused me consternation as it brought a second mystery into focus: the chair I would sit in to read the paper in his lounge room was next to a standing lamp, identical to one lost in the theft.

I well remembered the spring that directed the light had failed and we had taped it into position: I quickly looked at the lamp – no tape!


But then, alas, my eyes moved downward……and there was an old dried-out piece of tape resting around the base of the pedestal…..

Consternation now turned to distress.

I had been asked to never go up to the third floor: it was private.

Breaking my word, I crept up the stairs and was shocked to find many items previously belonging to my business strewn around….

What to do? Call the police? I was confused…….

In the end I said nothing and asked no questions as to how some of my things had found their way to his third floor.

I continued to stay with him and his wife whenever I visited Sydney.

I listened to MY radio, read the paper under MY light….

I let it all go.

I spent a year – on and off – learning to love this man again.

Whatever had triggered his behaviour had nothing to do with me.

At the end of the day his ‘share’ of the spoils were just ‘stuff’.

I no longer had need of any of them.

One evening I invited him and his wife to dinner at the Thaiphoon’.

It was a beautiful night.

At the end of the meal, I thanked them for their hospitality and said I was ready to move on.

I told them I had learnt to love them but it was time to say goodbye.

They asked why I was leaving…..I suggested that one night, when in their bed on the second floor they might just look up at their ceiling and a flash of understanding would come to them.

Then I paid the bill, hugged them with deep emotion and love, and left, catching a midnight coach to Brisbane.

I have never returned.

I could have stayed angry.

I could have raged against my misfortune.

But it would only have made me a bitter man going forward.

So I chose to learn to love again.

It’s easy to love the people we love… falling off a log.

It’s the people who are hard to love who challenge us to rise up.

To embrace our inner Spirit.

To express the immense healing power of our love.

Who do you need to love this year?

And how will you express that immense power you have within?

When you be the power of love…..healing happens!

That’s the gift!!

Peace be within you.