Are You Still Imperfect? That’s perfectly Okay!

Are You Still Imperfect?
That’s perfectly Okay!

Trying to get it right?
Still trying to be perfect?
Forget it, it’s never going to happen.
Or at least never whilst you’re here on Planet Earth.
That’s because being perfect isn’t the exercise.
The exercise is being sane.
This is not so easy in a world that’s suffering from massive hypnotization going back literally to when Adam was a boy.
The illusion seems to be real.
The politicians seem to make some sort of sense.
The generals seem to believe the current wars will bring peace.
The economists seem to have many of the answers.
The philosophers seem to know what they’re talking about.
And the theologians seem to be sure of their beliefs.
And the media seems to infer it’s all so very normal.

Of course, seeming doesn’t make it so.
Sanity is something altogether different.
It’s something that arises when our Hearts are firmly in control of our heads.
When we are genuinely thinking from viewpoints of compassion, and caring, sharing, co-operating, supporting, helping, loving and healing.

These viewpoints, of course, are all about everyone and everything else – as well as ourselves.
They’re the kind of viewpoints that seem to naturally occur the moment we push our ‘small picture’ Self-wants aside and start looking at the bigger picture.
Putting our own Self-wants aside achieves two immediate benefits – we’re no longer focused on the getting of things – and we’re totally focused on the giving.

From such a perspective, having to be perfect fades into oblivion.
After all, giving is simply giving – the effortless expression of the Divine within.
There’s no need to refine or perfect it.
If we feel we need to, then it’s a sure sign that we’re only giving in order to get (love, appreciation, respect, self-worth, etc).
Under such circumstances, it’s a trade deal: I’ll do something for the universe – it can do something for me.

That doesn’t mean we necessarily ever perfect the art of giving (I’ve never been able to); it simply means we get out of our own ego-way and let what should happen naturally happen naturally.
If you, like me, aren’t perfect yet, it’s okay.
If, like me, you still screw up regularly, it’s fine.
If you keep blundering around making mistakes, like I do, it’s perfectly acceptable.
After all, that’s how we learn!
The Universe has never asked you to be perfect.
It just wants you to be sane.
And that means focusing on your heart and on giving – rather than focusing on your head and getting.
Give up trying to be perfect – try it for a fortnight!

I send you boundless love!


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