Are you living the life you have chosen ?

Are you living the life you have chosen ?

Or are you just trying to combat everything the world seems to throw at you?

Sometimes I know I find myself on the defensive – but I also realize this brings me no sense of real fulfillment.

As we enter 2016 I have therefore chosen to make this the subject of a series of articles I will write which I hope will challenge you (and myself) to step more confidently into a state of  ‘authentic and ethical living’.

Remember that all fears, limitations and supposed obstacles are really only just thoughts. If one thought hurts or limits us we can always choose to have another different and more helpful thought.

It might seem hard to do but that’s only because we’re fascinated and mesmerized by the thoughts we are having at the time we are having them  … indeed, we often think we are the thoughts we are having! But, of course, we’re not: rather we are the formless Spiritual being-ness that is simply having those thoughts.

We can always exchange them.

There’s always better one’s waiting to be used!!!

Of course, changing our negative thoughts into more productive ones doesn’t guarantee the outcome we’d prefer – but it does free us from the restrictions we’re stuck within whilst we’re imprisoned in those hurtful thoughts – and gives us far greater opportunities to move toward our positive and uplifting visions.

Be aware that you’ll never change a thought by meditating or focusing on nature. That’s avoidance.

You’ll only change your thoughts by changing your thoughts.

This sounds obvious because it is.

It’s also easy unless one tells oneself it’s hard – and then it is.

Easy or hard, the choice is always ours in each moment.

For example, a ‘problem’ brought on by the actions of a relative or friend would change the moment you considered the friend or relative’s actions differently.

No maybe’s. Fact.

The actions of others are their actions: how you respond to them are your choices.

How your choices (your thoughts) affect you are also your choices as you can always change the choices (the thoughts) you make.

I know this sounds tough but it’s the loving answer.

For example, instead of trying to heal yourself by avoiding problems or going into a state of withdrawal from the source of your issues I would suggest you tried changing your thoughts about the problems that beset you.

In the case of a friend or relative you’ll find that by thinking differently and more productively about the issues between yourself and them you’ll naturally open your heart fully.

By doing so you will be delighted to find you have somehow healed yourself, seemingly miraculously.

That’s just because you will have changed your thinking.

Try it for yourself!

More in a fortnight,

Blessings and hugs,