Do you recognize yourself as a Work Of Art?

Now I’m not talking at all about your ego.

Indeed, for many people their ego would happily describe them as anything but a work of art…..and for many others their ego would loudly declare their absolute superiority in just about everything……

No, this has nothing at all to do with your ego.

It has everything to do with your True Self.

Do you recognize your True Self as a Work of Art?

For indeed you are!!

You are significantly unfinished of course.

There are many more colours and textures and flourishes to be added by the Master Artist.

But you are still a Work Of Art – albeit in progress.

The warp of your canvas is time.

The weft expresses your countless experiences.

The weave represents your many incarnations.

The colours and tones are your emotions and feelings.

The very character of the Art is your attitude and behaviours.

And the style reflects the expression of your Heart.

No Work of Art is “Better” than another.

And none is ultimately “worse” than another.

All are unique; and – by the end of their creation – priceless and precious  Works of Art that will remain in the Masters’ Collection for Eternity.

Let me repeat: do you recognize your True Self as a Work of Art?

If you don’t….why not?

(The Master Artist makes no mistakes……)

If you do……how do you constantly express that which you joyfully recognize your True Self to be?

And if you only partially recognize your True Self as a Work of Art what will you do from this day on to ensure the Master Artist encapsulates your personal expression of True Self as his Work of

Art (which you are) continues to disclose its wondrous beauty ?

Finally, do you recognize the Works of Art in progress which are your neighbours, your friends, your partner, your family, your associates and all those you meet?

Each and every one of them is sitting for their portrait.

Encourage them to smile for the Master Artist; and assure them that the Work of Art (which they are) is precious and priceless, too!

Okay, sitting still now…….


My new weekend program in ‘InnerSelf Empowerment’ and ‘Authentic

Spiritual Healing’ start early 2023……three venues across Australia thus far planned…….more details to follow.

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!

Peace be within you.