Anyone want a million dollars?

Raymond Aaron, a US Retreat Leader tells the story of asking his group what they wanted from his program… man said he wanted a million dollars.

He had just started a company to harvest stem cells and he wanted to expand his dream.

Raymond thought that was a huge goal….but he said nothing.

The next man decided to copy the previous speaker.

Grinning, he said he wanted a million dollars too.

Aaron smiled to himself……and thought that was ridiculous and impossible..

Aaron calmly ran his energy transformation program and left it at that……..

But just three days later the impossible happened!

The first man was introduced to the second man’s father – an investment banker – who offered him not one but $100 million dollars!

And the second man received a 1% agents commission…… million dollars!


Do you want more money? Improved health? A special job? A certain outcome?

Support for a particular venture? Help to achieve a beneficial result?

By putting your Mind to work for you, you can significantly influence what matters – and what happens in your life.

This isn’t gobbledegook but is supported by the very latest science and technology.

Your Mind operates in both ‘local’ and ‘non-local’ fields of consciousness– and various meditative and stress-busting techniques can help you easily access powerful energies that can change your life!


My March Weekend Retreat (evening 1st/all day 2nd/3rd March) will

*explain these techniques

*teach them to you including EFT, Alpha connection and Brainwave training

*help you set up a plan to achieve your health/wealth/work/heart ambitions.


A few private rooms are still available. If you want (or need) to change your life, this may well be the one weekend that will give you the tools to help you.

Don’t sabotage your future and miss out!

Only $360 all inclusive. Credit cards welcome. Payment plans available.

Enquire or book today…… or phone 0414 524 601.


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