Trudi and I have now finished our last Heartland retreat – and survived a tsunami of Covid that overwhelmed many guests as well as ourselves.
We’ll be taking a break during which I’ll be planning new books, programs and retreats especially for those who seek to seriously heal, avoid much of society’s emerging insanity and truly embrace the Divine Within.
Massive changes face all of life on planet Earth and we have to be willing to seriously take a stand against those changes which diminish our spiritual empowerment.
In the meantime, I shall resume my newsletters once a fortnight.
Thankyou for being part of our spiritual community. For many of you our friendship goes back over 25 years…….I hope it moves forward but if you would prefer to part ways we understand  so please email me and well remove you from our Mail Lists.


Once before I spoke about every neighbour, friend, lover, child, employer, employee, official, stranger, leader, teacher, enemy….being part of the One, the Divine Godlight…..

I went on to say that the answer therefore is to recognise every other person – regardless of race, religion, political persuasion, social standing, age or gender – as part of ‘us’.

I’d like to take that to its fairly obvious but probably disconcerting conclusion: that everything that everyone and anyone does is done within the umbrella (so to speak) of the Divine.


Not just the good things.

Not just the happy things.

Or the enlightening things.

Not just the things of which we approve.

But everything.

If only the Divine exists – split into a trillion trillion trillion tiny pieces whilst still being Whole and Unified and One still at the same – then everything that is done is ultimately part of that creative process I term “God Unfolding”…..





I’m not condoning any part of it.

I’m just saying it would seem to be part of the Divine process.

The making of mistakes.

The getting it wrong.

The blindly failing to see the wise way forward and lashing out in anger.

The  foolishly taking wrong paths and experiencing the worst of outcomes…..

The ignorantly digging into their defences without hope of success.

The stubbornly sticking to the hopeless or dangerous path in spite of warning signs.

All of those negatives that help us ultimately find all those positives.

We grow back into our divinity on purpose.

We mature into Spirit.




Not by never doing wrong or never making mistakes – but by blundering through a plethora of options, many of which are downright destructive and evil.

(Remember, evil is simply ‘live’ backwards).

Ultimately, all is safe.

All the time.

The two thieves crucified at the same time as Jesus were assured by him that they would be with him that day in Paradise. Not hell.

So next time you feel bad about something you’ve done or said or thought, relax.

Certainly learn from the experience; and be penitent.

And the next time you read or experience something which is cruel or destructive, be assured that it will pass. Learn from it; and avoid emulating such behaviour.

At the end of the day, we all act sometimes like angry bulls in a china shop.

The Divine understands.

We grope around in the dark trying to find the Light.

Ultimately, we do.

Ultimately, Love and Consciousness awaken within us.

We consciously, purposely flower just as we are meant.

And Ultimately, the Self devolves  back into The One.

Everything happens safely.

Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!

Peace be within you.

Les Dyer

0414 524 601