How would your life be different if since birth you had been told that everyone is connected to everyone else?

What if that were your everyday belief system?

And what if that connectivity didn’t just relate to other people but also to every plant, every animal, every rock, every living ‘thing’?

I don’t mean in the sense of “we’re all somehow part of a ‘thing’ called God”….. but much more in the very real sense of “I’m really a single cell in one humungus living ‘thing’ called God or Brahma or George or Georgina……and all these other individual life forms like other people and fish and monkeys and flowers and cows and mountains are equally all single cells in the same one humungus living ‘thing’ “…….

How would you behave toward your relatives, your neighbours, your associates, your customers?

How would you behave toward those people you perceive as your ‘sworn enemies’?

And how would you behave toward the entire eco-system

including the rivers, oceans, commercial livestock, fish, insects, flowering plants and the very atmosphere we breathe?

How would/how do you behave?

(As an example, I enjoy sending flowers a ‘hello’ wave – and then watching as they physically sway to express a ‘hello’ back!)…..

If we were/are all interconnected how should/how do you behave?

It’s not a trick question.

But it might be a challenging one…..

That’s because we ARE totally connected to one another.


And we ARE all part of one humungus living ‘thing’, no matter what we may choose to call It/Him/Her…

I’m sure all of us know this Truth, at least in a localised way.

We ‘feel’ the presence of a friend moments before they knock on the door….

We ‘feel’ something has affected a relative even before the phone rings…..

We ‘feel’ someone has died long before we receive official confirmation….

Our partner or sibling goes to say something and we blurt it out beforehand……

Our ‘gut feelings’ tell us a thousand things well before they happen, all the time…..

That’s because we are ALL connected to one another.

We are, literally, just different cells in the same ‘body’.

And we call that body ‘Life’.

Scientists have now proven that  “quantum entanglement is the unusual behaviour of elementary particles where they become linked in some strange way so that when something happens to one of the particles, something similar happens to the other; no matter how far apart they are. Even ten thousand kilometres!”

They are simply interconnected.

All Life is simply inter-connected.

Every action affects every other action.

It’s why we hurt when another hurts.

It’s why we feel distress when we see a homeless person.

It’s why we feel joy when another expresses joy.

Whilst modern man has almost forgotten, native peoples still acknowledge all their peoples that have come before as part of their current culture and ‘being’…..and they also recognise that their actions and attitudes of today will actually affect many generations of their community in the future.

Our interconnection is an immeasurable gift from the Divine.

It assures us that we are never stranded alone; we are never left behind; we are never one lonesome individual drowning in our own sea of tumultuous troubles…..

We are connected.

And the connection cannot be broken.

The good news gets even better!

Every positive action we undertake – no matter how small – affects the entire world and supports its healing and return to wholeness.

Every positive, loving, inclusive, caring, co-operative action creates a reflective and equally positive reaction.

The world heals….one loving action at a time.


Let’s not waste any more time……

Who wants to start……????

How can you help that part of us which is homeless, helpless, poor, hurting, fearful, scared, lonely, frail, feeling lost….??

Peace be within you.


Les Dyer

Community Of The Heart – Australia


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