Most people don’t want to be happy.

Nor do they want to be unhappy.

Instead, they want to be happy with conditions.

In other words, when their demands are met.

This isn’t happiness at all: rather, it’s having our demands met.

Often, these are a demand on the Universe:

“I’ll be happy when I win the lottery”.

“I’ll be happy if that job comes through”.

“I’ll be happy when it’s summer”.

“I’ll be happy when I can buy that new car”.

Sometimes, our happiness seems to depend on other people changing:

“I’ll be happy if you’ll love me”.

“I’ll be happy if you come back to me”.

“I’ll be happy if you stop that”.

“I’ll be happy if you change your behaviour”.

Can you think of any ways in which you yourself rely on others for your happiness? Most people can think of dozens!

The truth is that neither people nor events are the source of our happiness – we are.

When we allow others – or external events – to decide if we’ll be happy, we’re surrendering into victim-hood.

We’re giving away our own Self-realisation and dis-empowering ourselves.

Our true happiness relies on nothing external to ourself but rather on our recognition and acceptance of Reality.

This isn’t really easy for any of us – it’s the end of being able to blame others for our everyday state of Mind – and the beginning of self-responsibility! After all, who really wants to be self-responsible when we can try to blame another for our woes?!

What is this Reality of which I speak?

It is that we are Spirit and Consciousness Itself. As such, it is not our circumstances that primarily concern us – but our responsiveness and attitude toward those circumstances. All is the eternal and absolutely safe play of life. All is joy.

All is an unfolding miracle!

Can you be happy right now, just as you are?

After all, just as you are, right now, you are a miracle of God!

Now, that should make you happy!

Love and Blessings!


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