Many years ago I took part in a casual rally through national parks between Canberra and Wollongong.

The weather was atrocious, teeming down with rain;  and great care was needed on the muddy dirt roads.

However, driving my trusty Toyota Landcruiser I felt totally safe.

And I was  – but in an unusual way.

I careered around a rain soaked corner far too fast and hit a patch of glistening clay……the wheels of the vehicle went every which way….

They finally lined up – to my horror, facing the bush and the stump of a massive dead tree.

I instantly realized that my speed was far too fast and that an awful   collision with the stump was imminent…..so I quickly unhooked my harness, intending to vacate the car!

Next moment I hit the stump and the car flipped effortlessly over…. and over…..and over….and over carving a swathe of chaos through the bush…..bonnet….roof,,,,,back……wheels….bonnet….roof….

With one final flip I was thrown from my seat across the inner roof and then out the back window which had kindly disappeared.

I was lifted silently up into the air and my trajectory seemed to parallel the trunk of a very wet tree…..

I carefully viewed with awe and wonder every sparkling raindrop, rich with minute rainbows, as they clung to each glistening leaf.

Time lost all meaning.

I watched with delight as rivers of rain ran down the trunk, each trying to outrun one another…..

I took in the vast vista of clouds with an appreciation beyond thought.

All was fine – and all I had to do, I suddenly remembered, was to get back down to earth alive!

Sailing effortlessly upward, I had all the time in the world to humorously construct alternate scenarios for landing…..on my feet?….maybe on my back?….front?…..possibly the side furthest from my heart?……

As I reached the top of the tree my acceleration slowed and then stopped.



I dropped from the trees, landed in a wet gully beside the road and was transported unconscious, by ambulance, to Nowra Base Hospital.

When I came to a very annoyed doctor advised me that I had been most   thoroughly checked over and found to have no broken bones, no damaged organs……indeed, he considered the whole thing was somehow a prank and he had advised the police accordingly. (In spite of my vehicle being a ‘write off’ the police did later visit me to investigate the matter).



I became a hundred thousand shards of shining light that exploded outward.

All was at peace……all was safe…..and I was simply disintegrating somehow back into the cosmos….Somehow an “I” within me experienced this with a sense of absolute calm and acceptance, watching my gleaming, shining

Self flash into a million pieces as it raced outward toward the void beyond……

And then an Unseen Voice, voicelessly, asked if I was ready to go forward or wished to return and change my ways for the better and help others find their ‘truth’……I thought for a moment…….and then I asked for a second chance.

The Light stopped its outward movement and started drawing backwards, forming a centralized light core I sensed was somehow ‘me’….each shard of light rushed back somehow into place…..and I awoke, unharmed and unhurt, in the Nowra Base Hospital bed…..


There are many possible tails to every tale.

Many options for every action.

This Easter – a time for transformation – which do you choose to take?

Happy, safe and peace-filled Easter!


Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!


Peace be within you.