Very often at the end of retreats someone mentions “so you’ve got next week off?”
It’s said with a dreamy look as if to suggest we’ll be spending the week sitting on the grass meditating and chanting from sunup to sundown……
Actually we don’t.
That’s not really living a spiritual life.
To live a truly spiritual life you have to be active, progressive and positive.
Yesterday for example, Trudi and I answered our emails, had breakfast with our two boys, took one to his activity, drove back, attended to the horses, spent an hour or more on retreat plumbing, then did some whipper snipping and a few hours mowing now the grass is green again, made up the shopping list for next week, took a few phone enquiries, made some more of the beds, vacuumed more of the rooms…..
and then went to bed early!
Today we’ll be doing similar.

Anyone can hold out their begging bowl and om all day: it’s called ‘copping out’.
Living a truly spiritual life means doing things that make a positive contribution to Humanity. Like being a Humanitarian Aid Worker, or a child’s mentor, or a foster parent, or a Carer, or a counselor, or a charity worker or supporter.
It could mean being a supermarket checkout assistant that truly brightens up the customer’s day….or a salesperson that genuinely wants to improve their prospect’s life……or a gardener who genuinely endeavours to beautify their client’s gardens…..or a car mechanic who  earnestly wants to ensure the customer’s car is safe…..or even a politician who legitimately strives to improve the lives of their constituents.

Each of us gets the opportunity every day to live a spiritual life.
Most people ignore the chance.
Most of my readers take up the challenge!
So let’s make ‘real spirituality’ the active ingredient in life on this planet!
Your thoughts are very welcomed!
Blessings and hugs,