In the Jewish creation story, the first humans sensed their individuality – and perceived it as a state of separateness from God. In this perceived state of separateness they found themselves capable of operating in contradiction to God’s laws; and thus God seemingly punished them by removing them from his Presence.

They found this perceived state of separateness so lacking that they felt the need to clothe themselves and hide from the Divine.

This mythic tale was a rabbinic method of sharing with their flock the false belief that we have been forcibly removed from the Presence of the Divine because of our guilt.

The rest of the Jewish Bible is about man’s inappropriate attempts to prove his guilt and his grossly inadequate attempts to occasionally try to claw his way back into favour.

It was and is, a story of distorted perceptions.

Our sense of separation from the Divine is our greatest illusion.

There is no separation possible. Full stop.

We are divine spirit.

We may forget who we are, we may choose to ignore who we are, we may pretend to be something other than what we are – but it makes not one whit of difference.

We are still divine Spirit.

And we are still always – in all ways – in the Divine Presence.

There is NO separation.

A daffodil is divine spirit simply being a daffodil.

A tree is divine spirit simply being a tree.

Every human is always divine spirit simply being a human.

No scientific discovery, religious dogma, distorted belief or cataclysmic occurrence can ever change this.

Like it or not we are in the Presence of the Divine RIGHT NOW.

How are you behaving?

What are you thinking?

What are you doing in your life that’s based on forgetfulness of this simple truth?

What’s the answer?

Wake up. Stay conscious. Stop beating yourself up. Be gentle on yourself. Laugh.

Enjoy the moment.

But remember………because you cannot be separated from the Divine!!

I send you boundless love!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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