There was once a Master who loved nothing more than to help others self-realise.

One day a young man approached and asked for the older man’s help.

The older man sized him up and then told him to go home and first repair all his hurt relationships, quit all his guilts and resentments and let go all his hatreds and annoyances.

“Then come back and I will help you to self-realisation” he said.

“But I am seeking self-realisation in order to repair all my relationships, quit guilt and resentment and let go of hatreds and annoyances!” the young man replied. “Surely that is the way forward! Your ideas seem back to front!”

The older man simply stared at him; and then gave him a heavy rock to hold. “Hold it up high” he commanded. The young man obeyed.

“Keep it up” the older man added as he went inside for a refreshing cup of tea.

“Sure!” replied the younger man. “It’s not that heavy!”

And so he stood there holding up the not-heavy rock……as it slowly got heavier and heavier and heavier. Finally, as the Master finished his tea, the young man dropped the rock, exhausted, shaking and with his arm aching and trembling.

“It is not the weight” commented the older man, gently. “It is the burden. Quit your burdens first and then the self-realisation you seek you will find yourself to be”.

He bowed to the younger man.

The younger man, with gratitude and understanding, bowed back.

Thus it has always been.

Got any rocks you want to let go of?

Love and Blessings,


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