A conversation with God…..

There I was meditating in the garden early in the morning when I suddenly realised I wasn’t alone….

Good Morning God!!

Good Morning Les! I trust you are enjoying being a servant?

Absolutely! Easiest job I’ve ever had!

Of course….life isn’t meant to be hard, you know!

Well, most of us get told over and over that life isn’t meant to be easy!

Good gracious! Who would ever tell you that?

An Australian Prime Minister, for one….

Aah…..a politician! They’re not always my most loyal servants!
They tend to think they’re in charge.
Let me assure you – real life is always easy.

So why do we make it hard?

You don’t. You can’t. You just think you do. So you act in accordance with your thinking.

We just think it’s hard?

Exactly, my boy!

When it’s not, really?

That’s right! How could it be hard? Have you ever witnessed daffodils striving hard to bloom or rain struggling hard to fall?
Have you ever seen rainbows trying hard to shine or stars trying hard to sparkle?

Never. But they’re just things – we’re people, we can think….

Thinking gives you no reason for thinking things hard.
Do you think birds wrestle with flight or monkeys speculate on the benefits of genetically modifying their bananas?
Do you honestly think mating crocodiles suffer from sexual psychosis or polar bears require therapy after catching and eating their fresh seal lunch??

No, but they’re just animals….

That’s exactly my point. They are what they are – and they don’t argue with it. I gave humanity the extra power of perspective and all that many have done with it thus far is to compare yourself with others. Skin colour, penis length, breast size, bank worth, asset value, social status, religious bent, gender, nationality, race, skills and attributes…..every comparison helps to supposedly separate each one of you from the other. And all of you, it would seem, from me…..

We do it mainly to try to understand our positive traits…..

You’re mainly finding and focussing on those things you perceive as negative traits. You think you’re a failure at this.
You feel you’re no good at that. You believe your useless at the other. So you need to avoid and skirt around a hundred people and a thousand activities in case you’re shown up to be as bad as you think you are….

Sounds like me!

Sounds like most of you!
Surely, it’s time for you to master life……

To be continued……..