A conversation with God…..Part3

There I was meditating in the garden early in the morning when I suddenly realised I wasn’t alone….this is the third part of our Talk…….


So we have to be our ‘naturalness’?

Of course. Just like the daffodils and the polar bears.

Of course, you get to enjoy your naturalness with the added bonus of awareness! You can truly be conscious of your most awesome and wondrous existence…..and thus how you choose to express it.

So – how can we master mastery?

Aah….that is so simple. You change your perspectives toward love and unity until no further change is possible. That is, until your perspectives resonate to the truth of each matter.

Can you give me an example….

My Divine Pleasure! Imagine you think you’re not good enough to have a really deep and richly rewarding relationship……now, this can’t possibly be a fact. After all, I created you as Love to be both loved and loving – so it’s obviously an illusion if you think a deeply loving relationship is out of your reach.

However, if you think you’re less than whole you automatically act as if you aren’t good enough for a great relationship.

And because you think and act that way you find no lasting success in your relationships.

We reap what we sow?

Precisely! Your reality seems to confirm that you really aren’t good enough. Now, if you understand the limiting perspective that controls your thoughts – (maybe, for example: “Love is having an unhappy relationship”) – you understand why that’s the reality you find: an unhappy relationship……

Why would be tolerate such a limiting – and even damaging – perspective?

Probably because that’s the way you perceived the relationship your parents had – and out of a false sense of loyalty you chose to copy them.

But there’s no benefit in that!

Yes there is….of a kind…..parental loyalty….And at least this way your unhappiness seems to arise out of love…..a good excuse to avoid it!

So we have to change our perspectives?!

In some cases, completely! You’re catching on, Les…….

To be continued……..