A conversation with God…..Part2

There I was meditating in the garden early in the morning when I suddenly realised I wasn’t alone….this is the second part of our Talk…….


We have to ‘master life’ you say?

Many of us would be happy just to survive….

You mean survive until you die?


That’s a given.

I was expecting you to say that….

Of course, because so many of you feel so unsafe on planet Earth that you think you have to create a safety zone for yourselves.

That’s surely not bad!

Not good!

One of the greatest illusions you have is that you are unsafe.

This arises because you falsely sense a separation from MySelf, the All That Is, the Om, The Divine Presence, the EveryThing.

How can you be unsafe – even for a moment – even at your death, when you are always in my loving embrace?

Do you seriously think you have any real power to exist other than within the form of your eternal being?

And is that form not spiritual in essence?

And is that Essence not Divine in source?

And is that Source not my very own loving heart-beat expressed through thought as vibration, as eternal form?

I’ve always thought so.

Your very existence has always been my loving thoughts!

There is no separation possible. Thus you seek for a safety which is itself an illusion – an illusion to negate an illusion – a safe space where you can live without suffering too much……

Well, Buddha did say that all life was suffering…..

Yes….but he didn’t mean it had to remain that way!

The secret isn’t to avoid suffering – but to transcend it.

Suffering is never inevitable unless you choose suffering, of course.

Choose it? You think we choose it?!

Completely! Sometimes to prove that your supposed misery is valid and appropriate; and at other times so you can live in a rather deluded sense of mastery by avoiding suffering by detaching from it….

‘Detaching from it’ is deluded?!

Certainly. It infers that you were attached to it in the first place – when in truth it was just a perspective you had chosen to express your current state of awakeness.

But surely we are attached to some things – and thoughts – in life?

Only by choice. Not by any external law or rule. You can always choose to express a new or heightened perspective through the thinking of new and more illumined thoughts.

And that’s mastery?

No. But it’s the Path to Mastery. You have only mastered mastery when you have embraced your naturalness……

To be continued……..