A conversation with God…..Part 4

There I was meditating in the garden early in the morning when I suddenly realised I wasn’t alone….this is the final part of that Talk…….


So we have to change our perspectives?

You’re catching on, Les! You simply change your original, limiting perspectives – the ones you’ve held onto all these years.

And then our reality changes?


How do we actually change our perspectives….

Open yourself up to greater truths. For example, instead of just focussing on the unhappiness that took place you focus on the gifts that your parents gave you…..

That’s like finding better payoffs.

It’s actually finding Love.


Ultimately, all truths are Love. When you have totally upgraded your perspectives you have simply moved from fear to Love.

And what happens as our reality changes?

So do the perspectives you have about your experiences change.

Does that take long?!

About as long as it takes to say “Now!”…..

So our experiences change, too?

Those changed experiences naturally change those thoughts you call ‘truths’. And when those thoughts change, so does your life.

We become Master of our thoughts, then……

Actually, more like Master of Love – for that is what you are!!

You say we must open ourselves up to truth, to Love…..but if I am hurting and feeling unsafe how can I do that?

Ah, my child, this is such a beautiful question! Why, you do so by first becoming my servant. This removes your ego and all the barriers to Love’s expression!

Now I understand!

Come, Les! Back to work! Love awaits!!!