There was a chef, famous everywhere for his freshly cooked green frogs.

His secret was that he first ensured the water in the pot was very cool.

He knew that hot water would make the frogs jump out……”just like a human escaping from a pot-full of severe stress” he would say….

Then the chef would turn up the heat….s-l-o-w-l-y. Very s-l-o-w-l-y….

He knew the frogs would try to acclimatise to the increased heat….”just like a human trying to adapt to excessive stress” he would say…..

And then the chef would simply wait….and wait….until the fresh green frogs had expired and were cooked to perfection…..”expired just like a human” he would say…..

Sadly, few people realised the chef was a great spiritual teacher.

So they enjoyed their perfectly cooked green frogs – and then went back home to their own ever-increasing stresses…..

How about you? Are you always handling stress?

As it heats up do you try to acclimatise to it?

Are you slowly cooking yourself to death?

Or are you aware of what you are doing –and jumping out of the pot altogether – refusing to put up with the stress that is going to cook you?

Because stress WILL cook you!

And, just like the green frogs, stress will cook you to perfection!

(From “Living The Sacred Life – A Manual” by Les Dyer, available Dymocks, Amazon or direct)

Many blessings……..


Peace be within you!