Some time early today the world’s population passed this mark.

The planet is becoming a very busy place!

In fact, it’s never been this bustling and busy before! In the time of Jesus it’s estimated that the number of people living on the globe was probably just 300 million – which means the number of people sharing this living life orb has multiplied a staggering 24,265,758 times bigger!!!

Why all the stats you may ask?

Well, for many people, in spite of the vast number of folk rubbing shoulders here on Planet Earth, it seems it only takes one or two people to wreck a person’s life!

Someone does something ‘untoward’ and we close down.

We put up the shutters.

We choose to hurt – and to let that hurt affect us so badly that we no longer enjoy life.

Sometimes all it takes is ONE person out of those 7,279,727,300 people on the planet – and we go into a tail-spin of dejection, pain, fear, loss, abandonment, worry, lack of self-worth, loss of confidence or some other similar negative state that robs us of our zest for life.

If this has happened to you I urge you to think again. Look at the numbers.

Are you really going to let one person destroy your life ?!?!?!?!?”

Never let anyone or anything hold you back from celebrating life – this is a gift far too precious to simply ignore!

It’s the ultimate gift!

And, even if a hundred people reject you, just keep thinking about the other (wiser!) seven and a quarter billion with whom you share this beautiful planet!

They’re just waiting to become your friends!

Have a beautiful week!