2012 onward …

I am interrupting my series of channelled messages to address the matter of 2012…

“End days” has been a popular scare topic since time immemorial: the early Christians were certain the ‘end’ would happen within their lifetime and many latter-day New Agers have been of similar belief. The close of the Mayan Calendar has driven some into an ecstatic frenzy.

One famous New Ager recently wrote: In addition to the 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan Calendar, at the present time we are experiencing the cycle of Earth’s transition from the 2,166-year Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. We are also experiencing the culmination of the 26,000-year cycle known as the Precession of the Equinox, the 438,000-year cycle of Kali Yuga, the 1.8 million-year cycle of Satya Yuga, the 4.4 million-year cycle of Mahayuga, and the 4.4 billion-year cycle of Kalpa……

At a time when many people can’t even set the record timer correctly on their TV system this lady has been judiciously recording time so accurately that she can confidently assure us that all these cycles are culminating together right now. It’s nothing short of amazing.

To count down 4.4billion years back from 2012 is amazing in itself. I’m amazed!

Of course the Mayan Calendar ends: doesn’t the calendar you have on the wall? If a Martian arrived and saw my calendar would he immediately jump to the conclusion (especially as I am clairvoyant!) that I expect the world to finish 31st December when my calendar ends????

No. It’s just the year that ends.

Everything is in cycles. Cycles roll, they don’t end. That’s why they call them cycles. And if we use just the minutest common sense for just a fraction of a millisecond we will surely agree it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when any cycle ‘started’, even 26,000 years ago….

So what’s it all about Alfie?

Society is changing.
And the natural world is reflecting that change.
The individuals which make up our society, on the outside, are reflecting wildly erratic and far greater instability than in the past: we see this in politics, economics, religion and everyday social behaviour.

The world is simply reflecting that instability.

That’s because All is One: insanity and madness in one part affects all other parts (just like in our society).
However, the good news is that on the inside, many individuals which make up our society are finally seeking greater unity with the Divine Presence: and many are reflecting that on the outside through their support of programs that protect nature and care for others less able to care for themselves.   In moving closer to the One-ness of All Life we move closer to an acceptance of the Divine Power within each of us.

So, folks, the ball is in our hands.

We can enjoy the fear (rather like watching NCIS, I guess, on TV) or move into maturity.
We can remain part of the escalating madness (the problem) – or step into new roles as part of the One-ness (the answer).

Either way, I am happy to take ANY bet that the world continues.
It’s up to US (not the US) what kind of world it’s going to be.

The Mayan calendar simply tells us it’s time to turn over a new leaf.
Start a new calendar.
Change direction.
Move on.

Drop old nonsenses, outdated values, unhelpful superstitions, unhealthy creeds, greeds, guilts, hurts, pains, fears.
And instead embrace Love, co-operate with life and celebrate our joyous place in the endless playground of God!

Blessings and Love,


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