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There were once two raindrops called Fred and Ernie.

They flew across on the planet on huge clouds high in the sky…..

Fred would lean over the edge and marvel at the sights below…

Ernie would stay well away from the edge: he had a fear of heights.

One day, Fred saw an amazing view below and called Ernie over….

“Look down there Ernie….how beautiful is the world!” he enthused.

“You know I hate heights!” Ernie replied, shrinking back.

Fred suddenly grabbed him by the arm and jumped off the cloud:

“Let’s have an adventure!” he cried out joyfully.

The two of them dropped toward the Earth….Fred was whooping and doing ‘loop-the-loops’…

Ernie was frozen with fear.

They hit the ground and splashed in a puddle made by other raindrops.

Fred childishly played in the mud.

Ernie did all he could to keep clean.

Then they joined a conga line of raindrops and made a little rivulet that eventually grew into a creek.

Fred was joyfully splashing and having lots of fun.

Ernie was hopelessly trying to keep dry.

Soon they were rushing along toward a bigger stream.

Fred was pretending to be submarine and a dolphin…..

Ernie was focussed on just trying to avoid the rocks and snags….

Then they heard the sound of a waterfall!

Fred was beside himself with excitement!!

Ernie’s worst fears totally freaked him out.

They rushed down the waterfall, Fred hollering with joy!

Ernie covered his eyes and ears and frozen with fear just hoped for the best….

Soon the stream turned into a river.

Fred loved to watch the passing countryside as they meandered along.

Ernie just wished it was all over. He was bored stiff.

And then the river flowed gently into the ocean…..

Fred lay on his back and enjoyed the sunshine and peace…..

Ernie desperately dog paddled beside him, complaining loudly that he’d never asked for this adventure in the first place.

And then a gentle breeze lifted them both up back toward the clouds.

Fred floated rapturously upward with sheer delight…..

Ernie hyperventilated, his eyes and little hands tightly closed……

Soon they were back home on the cloud.

For Fred that adventure had been heaven.

For Ernie it had been hell.

Yet they both had gone to the same places and done the same things…..

How do you view your adventures?

How would it change your life if you changed the way you saw your life???

Is life worth the change?