Conversations With Spirit #25

I was writing a chapter for a new book, explaining the fears and problems I remember experiencing during my early life…..   I do hope you’re not feeling sorry for yourself, Les… Certainly not. But I am remembering some uncomfortable events. Yes….in a way you were lucky weren’t you? Lucky to have them or lucky … Read more

Anzac SoulLight – Remembrance and Introspection

Dear Friends, I wrote an article for Anzac Day last year – and it’s just as applicable today. One subscriber wrote: ‘I have been hearing lots of people say that they hope the world changes through this situation we currently have. We need to be the ones who change our world, not leaving it for … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #24

It was raining so I’d ducked into an historic city church to keep dry. Inside everything was still and silent and pregnant with Spirit…..   Do you feel good in here? I certainly do. I’m glad. You’re meant to. That’s why it was built. What, to make me feel good? To make you feel safe … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #23

I was sitting at my desk pondering the well-deserved success of Og Mandino, surely one of the most influential and inspiring authors of the 20th Century…….     Thinking about Og’s success are we, Les? I certainly was….as you well know. I certainly do. And he certainly became a wonderful Teacher …. I think he was … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #22

The man held up his Stop Sign and told me I was going the wrong way……. Sometimes you think like that road sign, don’t you Les? What, that I’m going the wrong way? Certainly. And sometimes you are. Such as just then…. I’m not arguing with you – but could you please get to the … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #21

Driving the car home through teeming rain along a dark and lonely unused road one moonless night…..   I hope an alien doesn’t suddenly appear…… Suddenly scared of aliens, are we, Les? Maybe nervous. Isn’t everyone, truly, deep within? Not everyone. Certainly not the life-forms you call aliens. They’re not nervous or scared of themselves … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #20

It felt it was my chance to ask a second question. Certain I wasn’t alone……I eagerly started the conversation…..   What do you look like? Ah! A question I cannot answer to your satisfaction!! Why is that? Because you would like a photograph, a picture to hang on your wall….. It might help me to … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #19

I was sitting in the Temple, pondering. Somehow I knew I wasn’t alone……so I asked my question…..   Was I a Jew in my last life? You’ve been a Jew in many lives! But then you’ve also been a Christian, a Buddhist, a Taoist, a Sikh and a Moslem! Wow, I’ve covered the options! Yes, … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #18

I was sitting at my typewriter when suddenly I received this message, clearly in my head…..No introduction, no possibility to debate or discuss it…..The Voice simply spoke it to me with an obvious intention to have it typed out as the words were spoken…… Why strive to be something you already are, Les? Why not … Read more

Conversations With Spirit #17

I was feeding the wild king parrots and thinking about the coming week’s retreat when I clearly heard “the call”….. Stop fighting! What?!?!? Stop fighting! I can hear you planning your coming week as if it were a battle!…. Well, sometimes it seems to be! I just like to be prepared….. What? Prepared for battle? … Read more